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Exploring Construction Costs for Villas in Bali

Understanding the financial dynamics of building a villa in Bali is crucial for any successful investment. The reality of Bali’s construction market often reveals that investors may end up paying more than they should for their projects. The primary reason for this discrepancy lies in inadequate upfront planning concerning material selection and precise construction quotations. 

Embarking on the Journey to Homeownership in Bali 

Foreign nationals can legally lease a plot of land in Bali for a minimum of 30 years and construct a house on it. However, the question of the associated costs invariably arises. How much will you have to spend to rent land and construct a home in Bali? 

In general terms, it’s typically less expensive to build a home in remote regions of Bali compared to popular tourist locales like Seminyak, Kuta, or Ubud. The north of Bali, with its lower labor costs, has attracted numerous foreigners for villa construction. However, the bulk of foreign investors still choose to construct residences in the tourist hotspots, primarily near beachfronts. 

Decoding the Process 

Once all the necessary documentation and plans are in place, you have two options for home construction in Bali. One, you can employ a building team led by a foreman, potentially supplying building materials, and negotiate the construction cost based on the “price per square meter.” Alternatively, you can handle the construction design and management independently, sourcing labor and materials on your own. This latter option may reduce expenses but demands considerable effort and time from your side.

Determining the Cost 

The style of your desired residence significantly influences the construction cost in Bali. A Western-style villa ranks as the priciest choice, while a modest unit-style apartment, featuring an open-space layout with minimal wall divisions, constitutes the least expensive option. The cost per square meter fluctuates between 5 and 12 million IDR, with the unit-style construction at the lower end and the luxurious western-style villa at the higher end. However, these costs can easily double if you plan to build in a prominent tourist location. The cost also multiplies based on the number of floors in your design. 

As of January 2020, the estimated cost of a well-constructed, aesthetically pleasing villa is approximately 7 million IDR per square meter. Here’s a snapshot of construction costs as of January 2020:

  • Basic structure: Starting at $450 per square meter
  • Standard finish: Starting at $500 per square meter
  • High-quality finish: Starting at $600 per square meter
  • Luxury finish: Starting at $850 per square meter
  • Swimming pool (with natural stone finishing): Around $400 per square meter

Remember, these rates include all building materials such as cement, roof tiles, doors, glass windows, electrical, and plumbing, but they do not account for furniture. 

Navigating the costs and complexities of construction in Bali can seem daunting, but with adequate preparation, your dream Balinese villa can become a reality.



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