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Investing in Bali

Investing in Bali could be your best financial decision this year. In recent years, Bali’s property market has experienced a phenomenal surge in success. With its exceptional quality of life, this island has emerged as a premier global destination for property investments, yielding impressive annual returns of 35-55% and occasionally even higher, depending on the investment strategy.

Numerous global investors therefore choose to invest in Bali for its remarkable return on investment, but also for it’s cost-effective investment opportunity.

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As a company, Coco Development Group consistently invests in emerging areas and we always encourage our clients to adopt a forward-thinking investor mindset. The real estate market here resembles the stock market. 

You shouldn’t invest in areas that have already reached their peak or are declining in value (Kuta, Seminyak, Berawa, Canggu). Instead, invest in locations that are on the rise (Pererenan, Cemagi, Seseh, Bingin, Uluwatu) to secure long-term gains.

Build, market, sale

Bali Villa Sale

The investment model is concentrated on delivering our investors a high-yield return on there investment (ROI).

Compared to the traditional, long-term rental model where, under favorable conditions, the break-even is reached in approximately three to four years, our clients experience a significantly faster cash-flow and profitable ROI, in the vicinity of 135% to 155%.

This within a one-year time frame, with investors achieving these returns in periods as short as of six to nine months, making this investment strategy highly lucrative.

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You choose one of our pre-designed Bali villas at a set price, designed to maximize your ROI. Each villa can be customized to meet your unique requirements. 


We market your villa from the very beginning in collaboration with our partners, local sales agents, real estate brokers and with a skilled internal marketing team, we also offer to advertise your villa for you on social media. 


We take meetings with potential clients in our office in Bali and showcase the Villa to them, until your property is successfully sold.

Build, market, sale

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Historical can you further also expect 10 – 20% in overall yearly increase in bothly the value of your land and the increase of the property prices and in upcoming areas, in some cases even higher.

Build, market, Rent

Bali Villa Rental 

Building a villa for the purpose of renting it out with the ongoing growth in
tourism, is another profitable way to get a good constant income. How much
you can make on your villa investment in Bali depends on a variety of factors
such as location, size and uniqueness.

While we guarantee a minimum of 12% ROI per annum on our pre-designed
Villas, it is very likely possible to see returns ranging from 20% to 35%.

If you’re considering the development path, we offer a variety of turn-key
solutions, ranging from luxury four-bedroom villas to high-yield townhouses,
meticulously designed to maximize earning potential.

Interested in starting your investment journey in Bali?
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Investing in Bali is a great investment and a lot of fun, but you will likely have plenty of questions.

Feel free to get in touch, we have are here to help and can answer any questions at all stages of the process.

Our friendly tem will be happy to hear from you.

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Land banking

Real estate asset accumulation, often referred to as “land banking,” involves the procurement of land as an investment with the intent of holding it for future use, without immediate development plans.

Our team offers investment solutions in land banking that employ a buy-and-hold strategy. If meticulously carried out with comprehensive due diligence, this approach can be relatively low-risk with an anticipated average appreciation of 18% annually.

Land banking involves practically no overhead expenses and employing a strategy, such as enhancing the infrastructure with additions like access roads, electricity, water, or procuring building permits, can promptly augment the land value by approximately 25%.



USD 105,000


A beautiful modern designed 1 bedroom villa, with its own private rooftop in a perfect oriental design. Designed by award winning architect.
  • 10 Hotel Apartments
  • Price starting at USD 105,000
  • 25 Year Land Lease + 25 Years Extension
  • The rice-fields of Seseh
  • Key handover in May 2024
  • Sales starts: 20 of October




Luxury Villa, with own private beach, unique blue pool, spacious rooftop and incredible minimalistic design. Designed by award winning architect.
  • ROI 17-22%
  • Invest from (US)$25,000 upwards.
  • Flexible payment plan.
  • Enjoy the property for free.
  • Save up to 35% - investing in the pre-sale.

What CLIENT ACCESS do you get

International architects

We have a team of international architects that provide unique designs and architectural concepts, which will result in higher ROI from selling or renting your villa.

Instalment payment

You pay step by step on every stage or the construction, with only the first deposit being 25%. 


Boasting a track record of designing over 50 projects and constructing more than 1,000,000 m2 of real estate, we proudly stand as Bali's foremost property developers.

Development services

We are a one-stop-shop under one roof. We provide full development services, from land search, permits, and design to construction and villa management services.


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