Bali Villa

Navigating the Bali Villa Building Journey 

The path to creating your dream villa in Bali can seem daunting or straightforward, pivoting largely on your level of information and the competence of your chosen development team. Although construction projects in Bali can turn into complex endeavors for many, both locals and foreigners, it’s not a given. 

So, what steps can you take to ensure a smooth-sailing construction project? Here are six essential steps to safeguard your interests if you’re considering or embarking on a building venture in Bali:

  1. Assemble the Right Crew. Your journey starts with assembling a capable team – a reliable lawyer, a creative architect, a structural engineer with Indonesian qualifications, a meticulous project manager, and a skilled construction team. Each of these individuals should be seasoned professionals with a track record you can verify.
  1. Be conscious that your legal advisors should be local Indonesians with the necessary legal standing. This could prove crucial in case your project ends up in legal disputes, as foreign professionals aren’t recognized as qualified in Indonesian courts. Interestingly, it has been observed that expatriates offering various services have a higher likelihood of not meeting your expectations compared to local professionals. Maintain a professional demeanor throughout the Bali villa-building journey, and things should stay on track.
  1. Before you even begin sketching plans or tallying up bills of quantities, ensure the project’s legal paperwork is in order. Break down the project into manageable timelines with specific tasks for better tracking. If your architect is preparing the drawings, confirm their originality and the exact costs involved. Similarly, request a precise bill of quantities from the builder, overseen by a quantity surveyor.
  1. Always keep a reserve fund for unforeseen expenses or mid-project design changes you may decide on.
  1. Appreciate that your builder needs to make a reasonable profit. If you drive the price too low during negotiations, the quality of your project could suffer. A quantity surveyor can provide an unbiased opinion on your expenditure.
  1. Each construction stage should undergo scrutiny and supervision by independent professionals. The person inspecting the structure shouldn’t be the architect, the foreman, or the builder, but a qualified structural engineer. They are the only ones trained to handle intricate structural computations. 

These pointers serve as general guidelines for managing a successful project in Bali. For more specific advice, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experienced professionals is always ready to guide you through the journey.



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