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We offer a wide variety of investing and Bali villa building and development services in Bali. We offer end-to-end villa building services from land accusation and permits to design, construction and villa management. You can also buy our popular villa designs available at a set price for a turnkey hassel-free solution. For investors we can offer co-operation on our in-house development projects, and land banking investments.

Invest with us

We offer flexible investment options from land banking, holding land as an asset (average appreciation of 18% per annum), rental investment/arbitrage (average ROI per annum 15%-20%) to development of one of our pre-designed villas at a set price (average ROI per annum 20-30%).
Our pre-designed villas are the most cost and time effective solutions. Villas range from  luxury four bedroom villas to permanent high yield jungle eco villas. If you were looking to go down the development route of you own design or idea we can help you to develop your projects and help you with your Bali villa building journey.

Development & construction

Our expertise lies in crafting seamless luxury living experiences, ranging from single-bedroom villas to lavish
multi-villa compounds. Utilizing our extensive network, we can connect you with landowners or facilitate joint ventures. If you have a development project in mind or already possess a plot of land in Bali you wish to develop, please contact us for a consultation.

Architecture & design

Our skilled team of architects provides comprehensive design and construction solutions. Operating from our Bali headquarters, our experts collaborate with you to transform your ideas from preliminary sketches into fully realized concepts. Whether it’s an single-bedroom villa or an opulent multi-villa estate, we will craft the perfect design for you. To explore your ideas further, feel free to schedule a consultation with our team.


Acquiring land in Bali may seem daunting, but our years of experience and in-depth understanding of the local market enable us to simplify the process. Leveraging our extensive network of industry connections, we excel at pinpointing premium development sites.
To discuss your land acquisition needs, we encourage you to arrange a meeting with our team.


Our approach goes beyond merely selling villas – we excel in creating fully-integrated turnkey business solutions. In collaboration with our diverse network of business partners, we present the finest opportunities in Bali. If you have an investment concept, we are eager to explore and develop your vision from its initial stages to a fully realized enterprise.
To discuss your investment ideas, feel free to schedule a consultation with our team.

Villa management

We provide a comprehensive end-to-end villa management service, prioritizing the optimization of your property’s rental potential. Our all-encompassing approach covers every aspect of maintenance, including administration, cleaning, cooking, and gardening services.
To discuss our villa management solutions, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our team.


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